Branch 104 Minutes

8 October 2018

1900 Meeting was called to order with proper ceremony and the opening of the Bible. The following shipmates were present: Barrett, Faubion, Felthouse, Johnson, Jones, LaChapelle, Peters, Pollard, Robbins, Shriver, Wallace, and Wilson.

1901 The minutes were called for discussed and approved.

1903 Charter draped for Shipmate Gary Thompson who passed on 27 AUG 2018.

1905 Committee Reports:

Legislative: First meeting of Veterans Legislative Coalition is 14 SEP 1100-1200. S/M Fugich is now chairman of the VLC. Need to submit designation letter for primary and alternate representatives.

Youth Activities: NTR

Americanism/Patriotism: S/M Barrett has prepared packets to be handed out to students wishing to participate in this year’s essay contest.

Membership: 114 members in good standing. Two members past due. Peters and Quicker. One new member Scott Kincaid, Lt, USN, active duty.

Public Relations: Website updated. Added one day Wednesday 14 SEP to our dates at the Fair.

Finance and Audit: Books audited by S/M LaChapelle

Health and Welfare: Members on the binnacle list: Doskow, Leaf, Peterson, and Santos. Funeral services for S/M Gary Thompson are 20 SEP at Tahoma National, 1030.

Service Officer: NTR

1918 Communications:

(1) Branch 18 newsletter.

(2) Comfort list of donation items needed at VA.

(3) FRA Making Waves – Agent Orange Reform.

1922 Treasurers Report: Submitted and approved. (See attached)

1924 Unfinished Business:

(1) Funding media replicator for VA Puget Sound. Motion was previously tabled. M/S/P to bring back to floor for discussion. M/S/P to fund full amount of $2,200.00 for purchase of replicator. VAVS Rep S/M Felthouse has for action. Once received will set up a presentation meeting.

(2) NW Regional Convention 17-18 August in Boise, ID. S/M Johnson, Faubion, Felthouse, and Wallace attended. Bill Hall, Branch 382, Boise was elected Regional President; Scott Dudley Branch 97, Whidbey, was selected at the Regional VP. Regional Convention for 2019 will be hosted by Branch 018.

(3) Orting Bingo is scheduled for 29 SEP. S/M Barrett, Felthouse, Jones, and Faubion will attend.

(4) National Convention, 23-30 September, San Antonio, TX. S/M Johnson attending.

(5) Washington State Fair Booth. 12-13 SEP and 16-17 SEP.

1940 New Business:

(1) Navy Ball, 13 OCT 2018 being sponsored by NJROTC Stadium and Spanaway Lakes HS. Event will be held at the club on McChord Field.

1945 Good of the Order:

(1) Napoli Italino Restaurant, 120 Meridian has a Veteran special every Tuesday, 1600-1800. Free pizza.


The meeting was closed with proper ceremony and the closing of the Bible.

Rex Faubion