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Fleet Reservation Association

Branch 104

10 MAY 2021

Meeting was called to order by S/M Branch President Len Barrett. 11 shipmates were present. 4 members checked in via Zoom.

1902 Opening Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and Preamble.

The minutes were called and approved as previously submitted via newsletter.

Committee Reports:

Legislative: Veterans Toxic Exposure, Making Waves. Weigh in on the FRA Action Center at

Youth Activities: NTR.

Americanism/Patriotism: Still awaiting word from National on results.

Membership: 95 members in good standing. Member “Past Due”: Eagan, Ehrmann. Ready to Renew”: Brien, Hall, Long, Matitila, and Miller. We need to recruit.

30 year continuous membership pin to S/M D.C. Johnson.

Public Relations: Newsletter. Website up to date. Facebook. Check them out. Advertise website and Facebook in the Newsletter.

Finance and Audit: Still have checks. 990N completed. $10.00 fee paid to Secretary of State. Finance committee exploring investment and banking options for Branch finances.

Health and Welfare: Binnacle list: S/M Len Barrett, Bill Casto, Doug Eller, Alvie Robbins, and Dianne Wallace.

VAVS: S/M Felthouse finally allowed back at American Lake for volunteering. List of needs to be forwarded to S/M Barrett and S/M Wilson for inclusion in the Newsletter.

Communications: NTR.

Treasurers Report: Submitted via Newsletter. Treasurers report approved. Books audited.

Unfinished Business: (1) Regional Convention, one day event. Saturday, AUG 28. LaQuinta in Tacoma. (2) National Convention in Spokane Valley 02-09 OCT at Mirabeau Park Hotel and Convention Center. (3) Puyallup Memorial Day Program of Remembrance will be held on Sunday, May 30 at 1300 in Pioneer Park Pavilion. S/M Faubion and Johnson will conduct the Two Bell Ceremony. Need to order a wreath for the program. Already budgeted.

New Business: (1) S/M Batnick proposed recognition for Eatonville youth involved in life saving attempt. Individual is to report to Navy Bootcamp upon graduation from high school.

Election of Officers for upcoming year: President: Len Barrett, Secretary: Rex Faubion, Treasurer: Russ Peters, Board of Directors: Jim Jones, Jim Wallace, Tom Shriver, Rich Wilson, Mike Batnick. Elected by acclimation.

Good of the Order: (1) Memorial Day Remembrance at Woodbine Cemetery on Monday, 31 May at 1200. (2) Discussion of Memorial Boards whether to continue updating or not. Focused on display of boards. S/M Jones volunteered to take issue to American Legion Executive Board for discussion.

2005 Meeting adjourned.

Rex Faubion, Mt Rainier Branch 104, Secretary

Next meeting: 14 June 2021

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