Fleet Reservation Association

Branch 104

13 MAY 2019

1901 Meeting was called to order with proper ceremony and the opening of the Bible. The following shipmates were present: Barrett, Batnick, Faubion, Felthouse, Jones, LaChapelle, McInerney, Peters, Ramirez, Wallace.

1905 The minutes were called for, read, discussed, and approved.

1921 Committee Reports:

Legislative: NTR

Youth Activities: S/M LaChapelle and Faubion attended Stadium HS NJROTC awards on 08 May. S/M Johnson attended Rogers and Bethel HS awards programs. Spanaway Lake HS is 16 May, S/M Faubion and Pollard will attend.

Membership: 106 members in good standing. Member verification cards that you are receiving in the mail. This program is sponsored by National. Company has been contracted to verify our membership rolls. This verification has resulted in numerous death notices from National. Bottom line we need to recruit new members.

Americanism/Patriotism: Results from National were received. We had no entries in contention at National level.

Public Relations: Website up to date.

Finance and Audit: Books audited by S/M LaCahpelle.

Health and Welfare: Members on the binnacle list: Doskow, Leaf, Peterson, Santos. S/M Barrett updated us on status of S/M Doskow and wife Norma.

Service Officer: NTR

VAVS: NTR. Next VAVS meeting 14 May.

1934 Communications: Only correspondence was from NW Region and was billing for yearly PCT dues.

1935 Treasurers Report: Submitted, see attached.

1937 Unfinished Business:

1) Regional Convention 6-8 SEP in Everett.

(2) National Convention 22-28 SEP in Memphis.

(3) Memorial Day Remembrance on 26 May, 1300 in Pioneer Park Pavilion. Branch 104 will be presenting a wreath and doing the Two-bell ceremony (S/M Barrett and Ramirez). S/M Wallace will deliver bell to pavilion.

(4) Victor Kandle Memorial dedication at Puyallup High School will be held at 1500 on 24 May.

(5) Joint FRA/American Legion picnic will be held 15 SEP at Veterans Park in Puyallup.

(6) WA State Fair booth for recruiting will be 15-16 SEP.

(7) Nomination and Election of Officers. Following slate of officers were elected:

President – Len Barrett

Secretary – Rex Faubion

Treasurer- Russ Peters

Board of Directors: Mike Batnick, Jim Jones, Leanne Pollard, Jorge Ramirez, Tom Shriver

1955 New Business: NTR

1957 Good of the Order:

(1) Vietnam Memorial dedication (B52) – Museum of Flight – Boeing Field on 25 May at 1100. General Mattis will speak.

(2) Volunteer hours. Get your volunteer hours in for our end of year reporting.

2000 Meeting was closed with proper ceremony and closing of the Bible.

Rex Faubion

Mt Rainier Branch 104, Secretary