Fleet Reserve Association 
Mt. Rainier Branch 104

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Branch 104 Minutes

14 MAY 2018

1904 Meeting was called to order with proper ceremony and the opening of the Bible. The following shipmates were present: Barrett, Batnick, Casto, Faubion, Felthouse, Heltsley, Jimenez, Johnson, Jones, Leaf, McInerney, Peters, Ramirez, Thompson, and Wallace.

1905 The minutes were distributed to those not receiving via email. Minutes approved with requested changes to Americanism-Patriotism.

1907 Committee Reports:

Legislative: NTR

Youth Activities: S/M LaChapelle attended and presented award at Stadium HS on 09 MaAY.

Bethel HS – S/M Johnson attended but no award was requested or presented.

Curtis HS ceremony is 15 May – no contact.

Rogers HS S/M Barrett attended and presented awards on 25 May.

Lincoln HS S/M Johnson attended and presented award on 25 May.

Spanaway Lakes HS S/M Faubion attended and presented on 31 May.

Shelton and areas south – no contact.

Americanism/Patriotism: 2018-2019 guidelines and theme announced. Will be promulgated in website and through our AP Chair at a later date. AP Chair, S/M Barrett further clarified what contact information should be included on the essay contest cover sheet and point of contact info on any literature announcing the contest. S/M Faubion, NW Region Chair advised that entries that do not adhere to required personal contact info on entrants and release signature by parent/guardian will not be considered at the Region level.

Membership: 119 members in good standing. Two members past due. Remember when talking with perspective members, our Branch pays the second-year membership dues. So, for $40.00 new members get two years. Applications need to be forwarded through the Branch for this to happen. Wallet size membership applications available. Carry them and let’s increase our membership.

Public Relations: Website updated. Call from representative at WA State Fair inquiring if FRA will set up at Fair in SEP.

Finance and Audit: Books audited by S/M Jones. Notifications from attorney that Branch 104 has been named in MAL Fine’s will. 3-6 months before we hear anything.

Health and Welfare: Members on the binnacle list: Robbins, Doskow, Leaf, Peterson, Thompson, and Billy Hrbacek.

1940 Communications:

(1) Harnish Auto Group handing out $50.00 gift cards to military and 1st responders through Hero Appreciation program.

(2) Branch 18 newsletter.

(3) Thank you from USO for donation.

(4) Pierce County Veterans requesting participation in Joint Military Service at Mt View Cemetery on 28 MAY.

(5) Ltr from VAVS coordinator requesting assistance for a Veteran.

(6) FRA newsbytes

(7) Department Veterans Affairs Ltr acknowledging donation.

1944 Treasurers Report: Submitted and approved.

1945 Unfinished Business:

(1) Memorial Day Celebration, Sunday, 27 May at 1400, Pioneer Park Pavilion. Need to order wreath at Buds and Blooms for presentation at ceremony. S/M Peters has for action.

(2) Nomination of officers (2nd round)

President: Len Barrett (declined) President: Rex Faubion

Secretary: Don Felthouse (declined) Jorge Ramirez (declined)

Treasurer: Russ Peters

Board of Directors: Jim Jones Leanne Pollard Tom Shriver Joe Jimenez Mike Batnick

Len Barrett.

We do not have a full slate of officers. If we don’t fill vacancy our Branch will be in jeopardy and Charter could be revoked.

(3) NW Regional Convention 17-18 August in Boise, ID. S/M Johnson, Jones, and Faubion plan to attend.

(4) National Convention, 23-30 September, San Antonio, TX.

(5) Branch Picnic, Combined picnic with the American Legion will be held at Veterans Park in Puyallup on 08 SEP. Start time for the picnic is 1200. FRA has the lead on organizing and funding the picnic this year.

2000 New Business:

(1) Memorial Day planning meeting 16 MAY at 1830 at VFW Post 2224. Need FRA representative present. S/M Barrett will attend.

(2) Orting Bingo 30 JUN.

(3) 19 May, Armed Forces Day at JBLM McChord Field.

2005 Good of the Order:

(1) Sunday, May 20, 1300. Clean up day at VFW Post 2224.

(2) SERVICE Officer, Joe Jimenez, advised that paper work is in process to get certification through FRA National HQ. Discussed benefits that VA is now looking at ‘blue water’ in relation to agent orange claims from service members in Vietnam. VA website can be utilized to gain access to list of ships currently qualifying for agent orange exposure in Vietnam.

2008 The meeting was closed with proper ceremony and the closing of the Bible.

Rex Faubion