Fleet Reserve Association 
Mt. Rainier Branch 104

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Branch Minutes 

12 March 2018

1905 Meeting was called to order with proper ceremony and the opening of the Bible. The following shipmates were present: Batnick, Casto, Faubion, Felthouse, Jimenez, Jones, Johnson, Leaf, McInerney, Peters, Robbins, Shriver, and Wallace.

1907 The minutes were distributed to those not receiving via email. Minutes approved.

1908 Committee Reports:

Legislative: Recap of bills forded through the Legislature and delivered to the Governor for signature wrt veterans received from S/M Fugich.

Youth Activities: Spanaway Lake HS NJROTC Award ceremony 31 May, Thursday at 1800.

Americanism/Patriotism: Next month will be the award ceremony for the A-P Essay contest and will be held at American Legion Post 67. Region level awards were discussed. Branch 104 had 4 essay entries that were award winners at the Region Level. S/M LaChapelle advised that he had completed application so future contest notifications can be posted on “PEACHJAR”. PEACHJAR is an online application that schools in the area use to advertise scholarship programs.

Membership: 119 members in good standing. Remember when talking with perspective members, our Branch pays the second-year membership dues. So, for $40.00 new members get two years. Applications need to be forwarded through the Branch for this to happen. Wallet size membership applications available. Carry them and let’s increase our membership.

Public Relations: Website updated. Nothing new to report

Finance and Audit: Books to be audited by S/M LaChapelle.

Health and Welfare: S/M Robbins reported on the condition of S/M Petersen, Leaf. Other members on the binnacle list: Santos, Doskow, and Thompson. Track your volunteer hours. If you volunteer with other organizations, the hours can be reported through FRA also. Our reports that go on to Regional and National are yearly reports. Let’s make them accurate.

1927 Communications:

(1) FRA Membership Newsletter.

(2) Branch 18 newsletter.

(3) Newsletter #1 for National Convention in San Antonio, September.

(4) Newsletter #1 for Regional Convention in Boise, August.

(5) NW Region Newsletter. Need volunteers to fill needed vacancies at Regional level. Region VP, Region Secretary-Treasurer, Retention Chairman.

(5) VFW Newsletter – several events coming up at our host VFW Post. Come out and support. Starting up camel races on Wednesdays, horse races on Fridays, great breakfast most Sundays.

1931 Treasurers Report: Submitted and approved.

1938 Unfinished Business:

(1) Orting Bingo 1430-1630 Saturday, 31 March.

(2) NW Regional Convention 17-18 August in Boise, ID.

(3) National Convention, 23-30 September, San Antonio, TX.

(4) Branch Picnic, Combined picnic with the American Legion will be held at Veterans Park in Puyallup. Initially reported as 10 SEP will be held on 08 SEP. Start time noon.

(5) First Robotics. S/M Wallace made a motion to donate $100. Motion amended and passed to donate $200.

(6) Veterans Resource Fair. 28 APR at the Tacoma Dome.

1949 New Business: NTR

1950 Good of the Order:

(1) Bill Casto celebrating 75 years since entering boot camp at Farragut, ID.


1958 The meeting was closed with proper ceremony and the closing of the Bible.