Fleet Reserve Association 
Mt. Rainier Branch 104

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                                                  BRANCH 104 MINUTES

                                                        JUNE 12th, 2017

1903: PNP John Johnson called the meeting to order with proper ceremony and opening oftheBible. The following shipmates were present: Shipmates Barrett, Batnick, Doskow, Faubion,Johnson, Jones, LaChapelle, Leaf, McInerney, Robbins, Shriver, Thompson, Tompkins, and Wallace.

1905: The minutes of the previous meeting were submitted and approved.

1906: Committee Reports were called for:

Legislative – NTR.

Youth Activities – S/M Johnson, Pollard, and Faubion attended NJROTC awards ceremony at Spanaway Lakes High School, 19 May. S/M Johnson and Faubion attended Rogers HS ROTC award ceremony. S/M LaChapelle attended ceremony at Stadium High School, 03 June.

Membership – 117 members in good standing.

Public Relations – Opportunity to set up at Farmers Market on 24 June.

Americanism/Patriotism - Continue to get the word out on the essay contest. S/M Farris has made contact with personnel in Bethel School District and Puyallup School District. S/M Barrett has contact with home school rep in the area.

Finance and Audit - NTR

Health and Welfare - Following individuals are on the binnacle list. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. If you know of others, please let us know. Jorge Ramirez, John Peterson, Don Felthouse, Nahum Doskow, Roland Santos, Jim Howard.

1926: Communications –

(1) Thank you note for support of the Pappy Boyington Pepertual Memorial Garden Fund.

(2) Branch 18 newsletter.

(3) Received two 40 year certificates from National for presentation. S/M Orchard and Tremble.

(4) Letter from Washington State Fair concerning setup on Sep 14, 17, 18.

1930: Treasurer Report - NTR

1933: Unfinished Business -

(1) Washington State Fair. 104 is scheduled for booth setup on SEP 14, 17, & 18.

(2) NW Region Convention being sponsored by Branch 104 will be held 25-26 August at Emerald Queen Casino in Fife. Keynote speaker will be Captain Schraeder, Bremerton. Rep. Melanie Stambaugh will do the welcome to delegates and guests. Hospitality room will open on Thursday. We will need 3 or 4 people designated to man the hospitality room when it is open. Need raffle items and silent auction items. S/M Batnick volunteered to serve as MAA during convention. Reservations are coming in slowly for the hotel and for meal orders for Saturday. We need someone to assist S/M Barrett in carrying out Two Bell Ceremony.

(3) Volunteer hours – need to get hours in for end of year report.

(4) Orting Bingo 29 July.

1947: New Business -NTR

1948: Good of the Order –

(1) Quilt Raffle - Quilt is completed. Theme this year is “Forever Free”. Time and labor involved in making the quilt is approx 250-300 hours. Let’s reward this effort by selling tickets. Lackluster sale last year, improve the effort. Raffle tickets have been printed and are available from S/M Johnson. Along that vein we plan to set up at the Puyallup Farmers Market on 24 June to sell raffle tickets and get the Fleet Reserve some exposure to the public.

2005: Meeting was adjourned with proper ceremony and the closing of the Bible.