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Fleet Reservation Association

Branch 104 minutes

13 JUL 2020

Meeting for June was conducted via online meeting application, ZOOM.COM, and was hosted by S/M Branch President Len Barrett. 

Following Shipmates checked in and participated in the meeting: Mike Batnick, Rex Faubion, Don Felthouse, Joe Jiminez, Doug Johnson, John Johnson, Jim Jones, Ernie LaChapelle, Russ Peters, Alvie Robbins, Tom Shriver, Jim Wallace, and Richard Wilson.

1915 Opening Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and Preamble.

The minutes were called and approved as previously submitted.

Committee Reports:

Legislative: NTR.

Youth Activities: NTR.

Membership: 95 members in good standing. Latest Life Member is Carl Kennard.

Americanism/Patriotism: Theme for this year’s essay contest is “The Bill of Rights and me.”

Public Relations: Newsletter. Website up to date. Facebook page is active.

Finance and Audit: Money in the bank, still have checks.

Health and Welfare: Binnacle list: S/M Eller.

Service Officer: NTR

VAVS: Joe Jiminez questioned about appointment as alternate VAVS. Still awaiting response from NED. S/M Felthouse advised that talking with Rex Rimando at American Lake, still waiting for authorization to have volunteers come back to American Lake VA.

Communications: NTR.

Treasurers Report: Submitted via Newsletter. No bills except for Newsletter mailing.

Unfinished Business:

(1) Both the Regional and National Conventions to be held in the Northwest for 2020 have been cancelled. Now the 2021 Regional will be held in Tacoma and the National will be in Portland.

New Business: 

(1) Budget forwarded approved from Board of Directors meeting was approved by membership.

(2) Following S/M Barretts proposal, S/M John Johnson made a motion to donate $600.00, under the newly approved budget, to the Puyallup Food Bank. This will be a re-occurring donation of $50.00 monthly. Motion was approved.

Good of the Order:

(1) Pass/ID office at Waller Hall, Ft. Lewis-JBLM (253) 967-5065

2002 Meeting adjourned.

Next regularly scheduled meeting will be on 10 AUG 2020.

Rex Faubion

Mt Rainier Branch 104, Secretary

Rex Faubion

Mt Rainier Branch 104, Secretary

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