Branch Minutes

08 January 2018

1900 Meeting was called to order with proper ceremony and the opening of the Bible. The following shipmates were present: Peters, LaChapelle, McInerney, Jones, Banick, Casto, Leaf, Tomkins, Wallace, Felthouse, Shiver, Robbins, Johnson.

1905 The minutes were not read due to not having the right copy. They will be read at the next meeting.

1907 Committee Reports:

Legislative: Legislature in session starting today 1-8-2018

Youth Activities: No Report

Americanism/Patriotism: Need to finish up the grading.

Membership: 118 members in good standing.3 members past due: Bettencourt, Brewer, Farris.

Public Relations: Reported that the website is looking good. 1 member had checked the site out today.

Finance and Audit: Books audited prior to the meeting 1-8-2018

Health and Welfare: Alvie reported on the condition of Doskow, Petersen, Leaf.

1915 Communications: Reported on the Regional and National Conventions. The reception the VLC is doing on the 13th of January.

1920 Treasurers Report: Passed out the report and discussed it.

1925 Unfinished Business: Discussed the cost of the flag having the name changed versus the cost of one done in a silk screen similar to the banner. That would be just a one sided flag. No decision was finalized. Mentioned the reception again.

1935 New Business: Discussed the region and the need to merge with the West Coast to allow the Ladies to maintain their Units in the NW. The results of no merger would mean dissolution of all units

and place the members on the At Large rolls. Members present voted unanimously to merge.

A motion was made a seconded to donate $100 to the McCartney fund at the Tappco CU. We fully discussed the reason to do so and it was overwhelmingly approved. Donation to be made at the Tappco CU on South Hill.

1945 Good of the Order: It was mention that the members need to start thinking seriously of whom the next years officers will be. Someone needs to step up and take leadership of the branch.

1955 The meeting was closed with proper ceremony and the closing of the Bible.

Submitted: MW Johnson, President