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Congratulations FRA Americanism Essay Winners

for 2018!!

2022-23 Essay Contest Details Are Listed Under The "Scholarships" Tab 

The Fleet Reserve Association sponsors an annual essay contest. Any student (including Home Schooled), grades seven through twelve, may enter the contest. The contest is not restricted to children of the FRA or its Auxiliary. However, each entrant must be sponsored by an FRA member in good standing or a current chartered branch. Each winner will received an attractive plaque citing his or her achievement and will be forwarded on to the Regional competition. Regional winners will be forwarded to national competition.  

The essay contest's grand national prize is $5,000 with additional prizes of $2,500 for first place, $1,500 for second place, and $1,000 for third place in grades seven through twelve. 

The awards meeting will be on Monday, April 8 at PM. It will be at the American Legion hall in Puyallup.

7th Grade

1. Dustin Maitre, Holy Family School 2. Shiloh Hilditch, Kalles Jr. High 3. Daniel Munar, Holy Family School

8th Grade

1. Maria Ditzer, Holy Family School 2. Avery Clark, Mason Middle School 3. Selena Trinh, Holy Family School

9th Grade

1. Jayda C. Colin-Barrera, Clover Park High School 2. Cheyenne Armstrong, Lincoln High School 3. Xavier Natale, Lincoln High School

10th Grade

1. Christine Lam, Lincoln High School 2. Samuel Ochoa, Stadium High School 3. Kimberly Collary, Lincoln High School

11th Grade

1. Jordan Lunde, Lincoln High School 2. Charles Algar C. Samson, Bethel High School 3. Isabel Mercado-Perez, Lincoln High School

12th Grade

1. Sabrina Engberg, Rogers High School 2. Natalie Miller, Lincoln High School 3. Kamari Sharpley-Ragin, Lincoln High School

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