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Fleet Reservation Association

Branch 104

July 11, 2022

1900 Meeting was called to order by S/M Faubion. Members present: Batnick, Faubion, Felthouse, Gray, Jones, LaChapelle, McInerney, Peters, Robbins, Shriver and Wallace.

Opening Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and Preamble.

Minutes were called and read. Approved as submitted.

Committee Reports:

Legislative: PACT Act passes. GWOT Memorial in planning for Olympia. Looking for support for FRA 100th Anniversary coin.

Youth Activities: Nothing to report.

Americanism/Patriotism: Theme for essay contest 2022-2023 “What the United States Flag Stands For.” Deadline for entries to the Branch is 01 DEC. S/M Lachapelle has volunteered to act as Chairman. Waiting for schools to start to submit to Peachjar. Flyers passed out at Service Clubs of Puyallup meeting.

Membership: 82 members in good standing. Ready to renew: Long, Nabors, Orchard, and Tompkins. Past due: Bogner, Brien, and Matilla. Can’t emphasize enough, everyone needs to get the word out about the Fleet Reserve Association. Our numbers are going down steadily. Recruit. Applications are available online if you don’t have them.

Remember, Branch 104 supports new members by paying for their second year of membership. If they are new to the FRA, they get two years for $40.00.

Public Relations: Website needs to be updated. Facebook active.

Finance and Audit: Account with Key Bank now set up online. Books audited by S/M LaChapelle.

Health and Welfare: Binnacle list: S/M Alvie Robbins, John Johnson, Ron Matilla, Bill Snyder, Doug Eller, Patsy Peters, and Dianne Wallace.

VAVS: S/M Felthouse: Donation of $200.00 put to good use by Blind Rehab group.

Communications: (1) Letter from VA Puget Sound acknowledging donation of gift card to Blind Rehab. (2) Email from City of Auburn concerning participation in Auburn Parade. (3) Letter from WA State Fair concerning booth on 18-19 SEP containing tickets for participants.

Treasurers Report: Key Bank Checking: $334.859/Savings: $9,478.83. Fidelity Investments: $38,172.53.

Unfinished Business: (1) Appreciation dinner for spouses proposed by S/M Shriver. More to follow. (2) NW Region Convention in Spokane, WA 19-20 AUG. (3) All committee reports have been submitted to Region. (4) WA State Fair information and recruiting booth in the Expo Hall on 18-19 SEP. (5) FRA National Convention 16-22 OCT in Birmingham, AL.

New Business: NTR

Good of the Order: (1) FRA/American Legion combined picnic will be held at the American Legion Post 67 on 27 AUG. (2) Meeker Mansion Yard Sale 20 AUG. (3) Funeral for former member Art Bettencourt 23 AUG, Tahoma National at 1300. (4) S/M Felthouse spoke about Hope Vision Foundation.

1940 Meeting adjourned.

Rex Faubion, Mt Rainier Branch 104, Secretary

Next meeting: 12 SEP 2022

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