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Fleet Reservation Association

Branch 104

April 12, 2021

Meeting was called to order by S/M Branch President Len Barrett. This was our first in person meeting since FEB 2020. Meeting place has moved to American Legion Post 67, 309 14th St SE, Puyallup. 13 shipmates were in attendance, 2 shipmates also checked in via Zoom.

1900 Opening Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and Preamble.

The minutes were called and approved as previously submitted via newsletter.

Committee Reports:

Legislative: HB1181 concerning Veteran Suicide was still being pushed. The bill failed to pass in legislature but a proposal was for legislature to include funding in the WDVA budget. At meeting time this was still in the works. It has since been included in the WDVA budget.

Youth Activities: No word from JROTC units requesting awards. Stadium will not make a determination until May.

Americanism/Patriotism: Still awaiting word from National on results.

Membership: 95 members in good standing. Notification of one member, Jaeger, as deceased but unable to confirm. No contact with S/M Luton. Mailed letter to residence, no response. National notified and member added to 85/40 roll so still listed as a member until determination. Member “Past Due”: Ehrmann. Ready to Renew”: Barrett, Bognar, Boyd, Brien, Eagan, Matitila, and Stahl.

Members recognized for continuous membership: 5 yrs: Batnick, Fugich. 10 yrs: Randy Clark. 25 yrs: Bill Snyder. 30 yrs: D.C. Johnson.

Public Relations: Newsletter. Website. Facebook. Check them out.

Finance and Audit: Still have checks. S/M President Barrett previously asked for volunteers for a committee to research finances. Committee members are S/M Peters, Jones, Barrett, and D.C. Johnson. Committee is exploring options for CD’s which mature in July.

Health and Welfare: Binnacle list: S/M Len Barrett, Bill Casto, Doug Eller, Alvie Robbins, Raymond Stahl, and Dianne Wallace.

VAVS: S/M Felthouse briefed on his annual joint review with Kim Wilkie, Chief of Voluntary Services of VA Puget Sound. Period covered was for 2019-2020 and portion of 2021.

Communications: (1) NW Scuttlebutt, Region newsletter talking about the Regional and National Conventions.

Treasurers Report: Submitted via Newsletter. Treasurers report approved.

Unfinished Business: (1) Regional Convention, one day event. Saturday, AUG 28. LaQuinta in Tacoma. (2) National Convention in Spokane Valley 02-09 OCT at Mirabeau Park Hotel and Convention Center.

New Business: (1) Email from Jack Taylor concerning Memorial Day Program. We need volunteers for the Two Bell Ceremony. Time still to be determined. Johnson and Faubion will participate. Branch will present a wreath at the ceremony. (2) S/M Barrett questioned if personnel had seen the survey question in the newsletter. Survey question was concerning the day and time of meetings. (3) Motion made to continue Friday Zoom meetings. M/S/Passed.

Nomination of Officers for upcoming year: President: Len Barrett, Secretary: Rex Faubion, Treasurer: Russ Peters, Board of Directors: Jim Jones, Jim Wallace, Tom Shriver, Rich Wilson, Mike Batnick.

Good of the Order: (1) Call for submission of articles for the Newsletter, contact S/M Wilson. (2) Guidelines of meeting at Legion facilities discussed. (3) Discussion of continuation of updating Memorial Boards.

2015 Meeting adjourned.

Rex Faubion, Mt Rainier Branch 104, Secretary

Next meeting: 10 May 2021

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