Fleet Reserve Association 
Mt. Rainier Branch 104

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Branch 104 minutes  

9 May 2016

1900:  President Mark Thompson called the meeting to order with proper ceremony and opening of the Bible. The following shipmates were present: Shipmates Barrett, Bettencourt, Faubion, Farris, Faubion, Johnson, Leaf, McInerney, Russell Peters, Robbins, Shriver, and Wood. 

1905:   The minutes of the previous meeting were disseminated, reviewed and approved.

1906:  Committee Reports were called for:

Legislative – NTR. 

Youth Activities –   Spanaway Lakes JROTC, Friday 13 May, 1800.

Membership – 125 Members in good standing. 


Americanism/Patriotism:   We already have the info/theme for the 2016/17 essay contest.  Theme is “What Memorial Day means to me”.

Public Relations – Up on Facebook.  S/M Johnson has admin for page.  Website is getting updated regularly. 

Finance – Books audited.  990N has been filed.

Health and Welfare  –  Binnacle list:  Nahum Doskow, Jack Green, Ernie LaChapelle, Nahum Doskow, John Peterson, and Roland Santos.

1911:  Communication:    

(1) Three (3) thank you notes received from essay contest winners.

(2)  Ltr from Pierce County Veterans Advisory Council concerning joint services remembrance at Mountain View Cemetery.

(3)  Notice from JBLM concerning Retiree Appreciation Friday, 03 JUN.

(4)  Notice from JBLM concerning Armed Forces Day celebration 21 MAY.

1916:  Treasurers Report approved and attached.  No unpaid bills.

1917:  Unfinished Business: 

(1) Vice President – Job open and no volunteers to fill vacancy.

(2)  Executive Board – Jorge Ramirez confirmed he’s willing to serve on BOD.

(3)  Slate of officers voted by acclimation.

President – Mark Thompson

Secretary – Rex Faubion Treasurer – Russell Peters

Board of Directors:  Len Barrett    Jim Jones    Tom Shriver    Jorge Ramirez     Ron Wood

(4) Custom shirts are in and at the embroidery shop, will be available at the next meeting.

(5) Need to order JROTC unit commanders awards.  Two on hand for presentation this year.

(6) 2017 Regional Convention, EQC Fife.

(7) 2016 Regional Convention in Cheyene, Wyoming is August 12-13.

(8)  Check made to the American Legion Auxillary was never processed through the bank.  Upon advise of bank, amount will be added back to account.  No further action should be required.

1940: New Business: 

(1) Supporting the VFW Post.  Is the Branch interested in hosting a dinner at the Post?  This is about boosting participation.  At this point we really do nothing to support the Post other than utilizing the facilities and frequenting the lounge.  Requesting ideas.

(2)  Washington State Fair dates for the Branch to set up a booth are 18/19 SEP.  Also there is a chance that more dates may be available.  Although we don’t get a lot of action as far as membership, it is a good venue to get the FRA some face time with the public.  It is also good for advancing the Americanism Essay contest.  More to follow.

1953:  Installation of Officers by PNP John Johnson.

2004:  Good of the Order

(1) Branch ballcaps $17.00.

(2) Puyallup Farmers Market – we’ll set up a booth when VFW is off for convention.  Should be 25 JUN.

(3) Memorial Day Remembrance 29 MAY, 1300.  Wreath has been ordered.

(4)  Quilt Raffle tickets are available.

(5)  Membership applications – keep them available.

2010:   Meeting was adjourned with proper ceremony and the closing of the Bible.

Mark Thompson                                                                        Rex Faubion 

President                                                                                     Secretary