Fleet Reserve Association 
Mt. Rainier Branch 104

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Branch 104 minutes 

13 February 2017

1905:  PNP John Johnson called the meeting to order with proper ceremony and opening of the Bible. The following shipmates were present: Shipmates Barrett, Bettencourt, Faubion, Felthouse, Johnson, Jones, Long, McInerney, Russ Peters, Robbins, Thompkins, Gary Thompson, Wallace, Wilson.

1908: The minutes of the previous meeting were submitted and approved.

1909:  Committee Reports were called for:

Legislative – Status of VLC. Our VLC dues for 2017 have not been paid. Currently we do not have a VLC representative. Anyone interested?

Youth Activities – We need to order 6 more medals. $75.00 over on budget to order medals. Motioned/Second/Pass to add to budget.

Membership – 121 Members in good standing. Passed out new wallet applications reflecting dues increase. Membership dues increased 01 January. 1 year membership is now $40, 2 years $75 (new members $64), 5 years $180. Lifetime membership prices are looking good.

Americanism/Patriotism - awaiting Region judging results before scheduling award ceremony.

Public Relations – Facebook page, most posts are getting 11-15 likes. Check us out on our website. http://www.fra104puyallup.com or on Branch 104 Facebook page.

Finance – Books audited.

Health and Welfare – Binnacle list: Jorge Ramirez, Nahum Doskow, John Peterson, Jack Green, Jim Howard, and Roland Santos. Please keep all these Shipmates in your thoughts and prayers.

1940:  Communication

  • Branch 18 Newsletter.
  • NWRP Peg Burke visitation schedule.
  • FRA membership newsletter.
  • Newsletter for National Convention.

1943:  Treasurers Report - Current combined total of accounts: $44,296.88. Full report attached.

1944:  Unfinished Business -

  • Orting Bingo. April 29.
  • Pappy Boyington Park, Lincoln HS. In process since 2013. Mountain View Cemetery is doing memorial stones at a reduced cost. Currently bank account for the memorial has $14,000. Not sure how much extra will be required. Memorial park will actually be located on 37th St. near Lincoln HS. Plans are for a dedication on Memorial Day. S/M Robbins made a motion to donate $1,000.00, S/M Jones second for purpose of discussion. Motion tabled.
  • NW Region Convention being sponsored by Branch 104 will be held 25-26 August at Emerald Queen Casino in Fife. Check your calendars, we’re going to need help.

1950: New Business -

  • Don Felthouse spoke about Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service Committee at American Lake. He has volunteered to represent the Fleet Reserve Association on the committee. Appointment letter being worked through National. Next meeting is April 18.

2010: Good of the Order -

  • Time to start tabulating community service hours for input to committee chairs. Timeframe 01 JUL 16 to 30 JUN 17.
  • Two members recognized for 40 years continuous membership in the FRA. Tom Bulger, Tilamook, OR and Harold Souki, Port Angeles, WA.
  • Elections in May. First nominations at our April meeting. Good time to start thinking about volunteering to run for office in the branch. RPNW Peg Burke is scheduled to be in attendance at our meeting in May.
  • Parking at the VFW is undergoing some changes. Parking passes are available.
  • AED for VFW Post is being purchased. Donations can be made in the jar at the bar.

2025: Meeting was adjourned with proper ceremony and the closing of the Bible.