Fleet Reserve Association 
Mt. Rainier Branch 104

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Branch 104 minutes  

August 2016

1900:  President Mark Thompson called the meeting to order with proper ceremony and opening of the Bible. The following shipmates were present: Shipmates Craven, Farris, Faubion, Green, Johnson, Jones, LaChapelle, McInerney, Russell Peters, Peterson, Gary Thompson, Tompkins, Robbins, Shriver, Wilson, and Wood. 

1905:   The minutes of the previous meeting were disseminated, reviewed and approved.

1906:  Committee Reports were called for:

Legislative – NTR.

Youth Activities –   NTR.

Membership – 124 Members in good standing.  

Americanism/Patriotism:   Challenging getting the word to the schools.  

Quilt raffle is ongoing.  Get your tickets and get them sold.  If you need tickets see S/M Faubion.  This activity funds our prizes for the Americanism essay contest.

Public Relations – Facebook and website looking good.  Getting a lot of hits on the Facebook page.  Website is getting updated regularly.  S/M Johnson would like to have a section added to the website for promotion of the 2017 Regional Convention.  Hopefully this will also facilitate scheduling and ordering meals.

Finance – Books audited. 

Health and Welfare  –  Binnacle list:  Nahum Doskow, Jack Green, John Peterson, Roland Santos, and Jim Howard.

Member transfer: Charles Craven was in attendance and introduced himself to the Branch.  Welcome aboard.

1921:  Communication:    

(1)  Branch 18 newsletter.

(2)  Membership newsletter from National.  Current membership nationwide is 51,612.


1923:  Treasurers Report.  $1153.58 in checking; 22542.06 in savings; 20470.76 in CD.  

1925:  Unfinished Business:

(1)  Orting Bingo payout was $49.00.

(2)  2017 Regional Convention dates changed to 25-26 August.  Start thinking about what you want to do to support the convention.  We will need a lot of volunteers to help with the hospitality room and other areas.  Russ Peters is the treasurer, John Johnson and Rex Faubion will co-chair.  We are still looking for an Auxiliary Unit to assist.

(3)  Sign up sheet for Washington State Fair passed around. Dates are 7-8 Sep and 18-19 Sep.  3-4 hour shifts.  Personnel must be in the booth as long as the building is open, weekdays until 2100, weekends until 2200.   Information booth to be set up in education building.

(4)  Gmail account has been set up.

(5)  Ball caps and shirts still available.

(6)  Branch picnic.  S/M Farris suggested having the picnic with the American Legion.  The Legion picnic is scheduled for 10 Sep in Veterans Park.  S/M Johnson being Post Commander of the Legion Post 67 will bring this before their executive committee.   Motion was made by S/M Farris to hold the Branch picnic in conjunction with the Legion picnic.  Motion approved.  

(7)  2016 Regional Convention in Cheyene, Wyoming is August 12-13.  S/M Thompson and Faubion will attend.

(8)  Quilt Raffle:  Treasurer reports that so far $384.00 has been turned in for ticket sales.

(9)  Thank You Veteran/Dear American Hero cards have been ordered.

1946:  New Business: 

(1) Key Bank Certificate of Deposit matures in one month.  Discussion held and decision made via motion which passed to roll over the CD for 26 months at 1.3%.

(2)  Christmas Breakfast?  Schedule for 10 or 17 December at Homestead Restaurant in Tacoma.  S/M Peterson has forac.

1950:  Good of the Order

(1) S/M Farris advised that Thursday, 11 August will be a Salute the Troops function in Pioneer Park.  1300-1700.  Come out and support.

(2)  Orting Bingo, 30 Jul.  S/M Johnson, Leaf, Ramirez, Peters, and Tompkins attended along with Jan Johnson and Carol Ross.  It was reported that the new shirts are a hit.

(3)  Remember and report your volunteer hours. 

2005:  Meeting was adjourned with proper ceremony and the closing of the Bible.

Mark Thompson                                                                        Rex Faubion 

President                                                                                     Secretary