Fleet Reserve Association 
Mt. Rainier Branch 104

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Branch 104 minutes  

11 APR 2017

1830: Commenced award ceremony for 2016-2017 Americanism Essay contest winners. 13 of 15 winners in attendance.

1930:  PNP John Johnson called the meeting to order with proper ceremony and opening of the Bible. The following shipmates were present: Shipmates Barrett, Batnick, Faubion, Johnson, Jones, LaChapelle, Leaf, McInerney, Russ Peters, Robbins, Shriver, Thompson, and Wood. Meeting shifted to American Legion Post 67 for award ceremony.

1933: The minutes of the previous meeting were submitted and approved.

1934:  Committee Reports were called for:

Legislative – NTR

Youth Activities – NJROTC awards ceremony at Spanaway Lakes High School, 19 May 1800-2000; Stadium High School, 03 June 1200-1400..

Membership – 118 members in good standing.

Americanism/Patriotism - Award ceremony preceded meeting, 45-50 in attendance. Two awards to be mailed. Two of our awardees were also winners at the Region level.

Public Relations – S/M Ramirez is feeling better and will keep updating the website. Facebook page not real active, check it out. Check us out on our website. http://www.fra104puyallup.com or on Branch 104 Facebook page.

Finance – Treasurer excused. Passed that Branch checking account currently under $200.

Health and Welfare – Binnacle list: Jorge Ramirez, Nahum Doskow, John Peterson, Jim Howard, and Roland Santos. Please keep all these Shipmates in your thoughts and prayers.

1943:  Communication – NTR.

------:  Treasurers Report - NTR.

1944:  Unfinished Business -

  • Orting Bingo. April 29.
  • Pappy Boyington Park, Lincoln HS. Memorial dedication on 19 May. M/S/P to donate $100.00 to the Memorial Fund.
  • NW Region Convention being sponsored by Branch 104 will be held 25-26 August at Emerald Queen Casino in Fife. Check your calendars, we’re going to need help. Request for credentials has been sent to Regional Branches. Any thoughts on a keynote speaker.

1955: New Business -

  • First round of nominations for election of officers:

Pres: John Johnson; Sec: Rex Faubion; Treasurer: Russ Peters BOD: Len Barrett, Jim Jones, Jorge Ramirez, Tom Shriver, Ron Wood.

  • Proposed change to Constitution and By-Laws of FRA to open membership to all branches of service.

2006: Good of the Order -

  • Orting Bingo 29 April 1430, no break for cake and ice cream. Branch will now pay for black out bingo games, $5.
  • Memorial Day Remembrance in Pioneer Park Pavilion on Sunday, 28 May will start at 1300.

2010: Meeting was adjourned with proper ceremony and the closing of the Bible.