Fleet Reserve Association 
Mt. Rainier Branch 104

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Branch 104 minutes  

11 APR 2017

1907:  President Mark Thompson called the meeting to order with proper ceremony and opening of the Bible. The following shipmates were present: Shipmates Wood,  Faubion, Russell Peters, Jones, McInerney, Johnson,  Bettencourt, Shriver, and Leaf. 

1909:   The minutes of the previous meeting were disseminated, reviewed and approved.

1910:  Committee Reports were called for:

Legislative – NTR. 

Youth Activities –   NTR. Nothing until May. We do have the retirement ceremony at Stadium HS in June for CDR Madigo. Motion was made by S/M Johnson to recognize CDR Madigo with some sort of gift.  More to follow.

Membership – 126. 


Americanism/Patriotism:   Award ceremony was held prior to meeting with 9 of the 14 winners in attendance along with approximately 25 family members.  We already have the info/theme for the 2016/17 essay contest.  Info was passed to this years winners.  Theme is “What Memorial Day means to me”.

Public Relations – Website is getting updated thanks to the efforts of S/M Ramirez.  S/M Johnson has taken the lead on updating the branch Facebook page.  Check them out. 

S/M Johnson advanced the idea of participating in the Daffodil Parade next year along with the VFW and American Legion.  He has taken the lead on this effort. 

Finance – Books audited.

Health and Welfare  –  Binnacle list:  Jack Green, Roland Santos, Ernie LaChapelle, Nahum Doskow, and John Peterson.

1930:  Communication:    

(1) Membership newsletter from National.  Membership drive for this year is titled, “Moving Forward.”

1931:  Treasurers Report approved and attached.

1932:  Unfinished Business: 

(1) Election of officers.  S/M Johnson proposed that we drop our status as a small reporting unit and go back to the practice of electing 4 officers.  This would mean that we would now be electing a Vice President.  Motion seconded by S/M Faubion and passed.  Current slated of officers elected:

Mark Thompson – President, Russ Peters – Treasurer, and Rex Faubion – Secretary.

Board of Directors:  Len Barrett, Jim Jones, Tom Shriver, Ron Wood.

(2) Last call for Custom shirts with a flag motif are available for order.  Available in Red, White, or Blue.  Order will be placed soon.

(3) We still need a chairman for the Americanism/Patriotism Essay contest.

(4) 2017 Regional Convention, EQC Fife.

(5) 2016 Regional Convention in Cheyene, Wyoming is August 12-13.

1955: New Business: 

(1) Proposal made earlier in Youth Activities was carried over to New Business for discussion of type and amount of gift for CDR Madigo at Stadium HS.  After discussion it was proposed by S/M Johnson that gift/card in amount of $60.00.  Seconded and approved.  S/m Johnson has for action.

(2) Question of cancelling check to American Legion Auxillary was proposed.  Check was provided to their organization to aid in the Christmas Boutique at the Orting Soldiers Home.  To date check has not been processed and no word from the Auxillary.  S/M Peters has for action.

2005: Good of the Order: 

(1) Service pins.  Cap check was made to see if awards were up to date.  Following individuals were presented with pins:  Mark Thompson – 5 yr, Jim McInerney and Carl Leaf – 20 yr, Jim Jones – 30 yr.

(2) Orting Bingo 30 April.

2010:   Meeting was adjourned with proper ceremony and the closing of the Bible

Mark Thompson                                                                        Rex Faubion

President                                                                                     Secretary